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ISO/TC39/SC2 Meeting in Hangzhou, China, 14-18 May 2012

During the 73rd meeting of ISO/TC39/SC2 “Test conditions for metal cutting machine tools”, held in China on 14-18 May 2012, the Italian delegation composed by Oddone BELTRAMI (STANIMUC Collaudi) and Renato OTTONE (ALESAMONTI) gave an important contribution to the development of the following standards indispensable for the exploitation of SOMMACT outcomes:

ISO/PDTR 16907.2, Machine tools – Numerical compensation of geometric errors (Project leaders: Renato OTTONE, Heinrich SCHWENKE): the availability of this Technical Report would significantly improve the changes to quickly exploit SOMMACT project results and help to effectively convert them into competitive advantages. The resolution taken during the ISO/TC39/SC2 Meeting is to move the status of the document to Committee Draft (CD).

ISO 3070 (all parts), Machine Tools – Test conditions for testing the accuracy of boring and milling machines with horizontal spindle (Project leaders: Gianfranco MALAGOLA, Renato OTTONE): the efforts have been devoted to change some instructions conflicting with SOMMACT expected outcomes exploitation. The resolution taken during the ISO/TC39/SC2 Meeting, after comments analysis concerning ISO 3070-2, is to move the status of the document to Committee Draft (CD).



Workshop “Standard Supporting Energy in Manufacturing Processes”, Brusselles, 5 June 2012

On 5 June 2012, the Workshop “Standard Supporting Energy in Manufacturing Processes” has been organised by DG RTD in Brussels. The goal of the workshop was to promote a good understanding on how projects can address individually and collectively standardisation aspects as a mean to enhance the exploitation of research results. Mr. Renato OTTONE, director of Research & Development Department of ALESAMONTI and scientific coordinator of SOMMACT project, has been invited to make a presentation named “The SOMMACT project case” on “Success stories”.

2012-06-05_Workshop_SOMMACT_case(PU) 2012-06-05_Workshop_SOMMACT_case(PU)


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