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SOMMACT final report

The SOMMACT project was successfully concluded by end of August 2012.

The final publishable summary report is now available.

SOMMACT has been recommended as a Flagship Project and a Success Story for both the machine tools industrial sector and the European DG Research.

SOMMACT Publishable Summary Final_Report SOMMACT Publishable Summary Final_Report

biSLIDER concepts has been presented at CIRP

biSLIER concepts has been presented by Dr. Alessandro BALSAMO (INRIM) at 62nd CIRP (Collège International pour la Recherche en Productique) General Assembly in Hong Kong (CHINA) on 2012-08-24.

The title of the paper was “Stabilising the performance of linear encoders in harsh environment: the biSLIDER”.

2012-08-24 CIRP Hong Kong biSLIDER 2012-08-24 CIRP Hong Kong biSLIDER

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